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Plant Hire

Geographically, we are ideally placed to be a practical choice for plant hire across Kent and the South East. Our fleet of up to date and well maintained machinery and equipment includes the following –

  • Tractors (with operators or self-drive)
  • Trailers, Water Bowsers (for dust suppression)
  • Fuel bowsers
  • Water tanks
  • Telescopic forklifts

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of Plant available to hire, more information and a comprehensive price list.


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Abnormal Load Escorting

An ‘abnormal load’ is a vehicle that has any of the following: a weight of more than 44,000 kilograms. an axle load of more than 10,000 kilograms for a single non-driving axle and 11,500 kilograms for a single driving axle. a width of more than 2.9 metres.(1 Apr 2015)

Preparation and planning is the key factor to a successful transit of an abnormal load. At P Bartholomew we have years of hands on experience in this complex field. We are based in between the M2 and the M20; an excellent position for transportation links for both Kent, mainland Europe via Dover ports and the Channel Tunnel, plus London and the rest of the UK.

We will take care of everything for you every step of the way, ensuring that your operation goes smoothly and without a hitch. We will organise all the paperwork required for notifications, (road/bridge authority and police), and happy and able to supply an in-house escort vehicle. Our service does not stop there however as we will plan and arrange a suitable route of transit which will take into account the load size and roads required to reach the destination. Please contact us to discuss this service further.

Towable Bunded Fuel Bowser

At P. Bartholomew we know all about the implications of running operations and projects using heavy machinery, plant or vehicles. One of the vital services that we offer therefore, is our fleet of towable funded fuel bowsers. This service gives you the flexibility to refuel equipment on site. This solution can also be used to transport fuel to another location making it ideal for large or multiple sites. We are located between the M20 and the M2 giving us great links all across Kent, as well as up to London and down to Dover and the channel tunnel. Please feel free to contact us if you require more information about this or any of or other services.


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We specialise in spreading compost on fruit crops , it can range from either top fruits and soft fruits starting from a depth of 25 to 75mm, it guarantees an improvement of quality for the overall production.

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The process starts with washing down and filtrating the Nutrients through the soil, in order to feed the crops, the compost also increases the suppression of unnecessary weeds and boosts the level of water absorption.

Hedge and Verge Cutting

At P Bartholomew Ltd we are pleased to include Hedge Cutting as one of the many services we offer. We are able to offer the service on a large scale, across Kent, particularly as we have quick and easy access to both the M2 and M20. This service has been built on the first class service provided by our fully trained, dedicated operators. You can be assured that, as ever, we utilise state of the art equipment and machinery. Because of these factors we are able to give our clients across the south east a quick, superb and cost effective solution, ready to go when you need it. Because of our professional operations, we have the flexibility and capacity to carry out one off work or ongoing contracts. Please call us to discuss your full requirements.

On Site Water Storage Solutions

Dealing with large projects, based on sites in a variety of different locations can present a wide range of challenges, a solution to each of which you can find with P. Bartholomew Ltd. One such challenge to the access to and or storage of water. This is where our fleet of onsite water tanks come in. Our tanks hold 6000 gallons, more than adequate for even the largest project, and can be used to assist in a variety of ways such as mixing concrete/cement, dust suppression, washing etc.We supply London, Kent and the whole of the South East, please feel to contact us if you require further information or a quotation.